This is the story of The Last Webinar and the how Seddon Days came to be.

On June 18th 2015, I told my good friend Dov Gordon that I had been diagnosed with inoperable and incurable cancer. I had weeks to live.

Dov was incredible. We talked for ages on the phone about life and business.

He was surprised at how well I was taking the news and I told him it was because I had no regrets. I’d build a business to give me a life I wanted.

As we talked more, he said I should share my insights. I’d always given to the business community and this would be a perfect last gift. He called it, The Last Webinar.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I really had anything useful to say or that I had the strength to carry this through.

Also when you have limited time left on this planet, you start to get quite selfish on what you want to spend that time on.

However as I reflected on this, I knew I had to do it because it is my Why.

Below is the recording of The Last Webinar.

If you want to unlock the true power of Seddon Days and the very positive effects they can have on your life, then I strongly encourage you to watch this video.

I really do think it will change your life for the better,

Help me Give Back

I hope you found the  webinar helpful and that you have already scheduled your Seddon Day (I’ve also hard it called “I’m taking a Seddon” which I kind of like!)

Putting this webinar on took a lot out of me and one of the reason I wanted to do it was to raise awareness for the fantastic work done by the Shakespeare Hospice. Without them, my final days would not have been anywhere are positive as they were.

So, if the webinar touched you, then I would be very grateful for any donation you can give them that you can give. Big or small, it all helps. You can also donate in many different currencies (pounds, dollars, euros, etc).

Thank you so much in helping me to support them.


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