Seddon Days are all about reflection and then taking action.

However, reflection without any focus can quickly become day dreaming!

Mike realised that there were five key questions that he kept returning to when he was reflecting upon his life and his business.

To really get the most out of a Seddon Day, you will need all five of these questions.

You’ll find each question explained in detail on it’s own page but here’s a quick summary with a direct link to the page.

What is My Why?

Why are you doing what you are doing! It’s that simple.

You only have one life so why would you do anything other than the things that make you happy.

What is it that makes you want to get up in the morning and start your day? That is most likely your why.

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What Does Success Look Like?

Can you envision your life as successful?

Do you count it in terms of money goals?

Most people do and whilst that’s important. It really is only important to the point that it allows you to afford to live your why.

There are other factors to consider when picturing a successful life.

Do you picture a life where you have more time to spend with your family? That should be part of your success vision. They probably don’t want you to make more money as much as they want you to make more time for them.

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Am I enjoying the Journey?

Life is a journey. You only get one life so why would you be on a journey you are not enjoying?

Most people put all the rewards for their life into the future rather than enjoy the journey today.

For example, once I get that promotion, I will be able to spend more quality time with my children.

It never happens. There is always another goal to achieve.

Stop kidding yourself and start to learn how to enjoy the journey.

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Am I hanging out with the Right People?

You are the company you keep.

That really is a fact.

We’ve all heard the phase, “He got in with a bad crowd and everything went wrong for him”.

So why wouldn’t you want to try to find a good crowd and get everything to go right for you!

That’s really all this is about.

You need to reflect who you are hanging around with. Not just friends, but also who you do business with, who you network with, what business support groups do you have?

Getting rid of toxic people in your life is one of the most important, liberating things you can do.

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What would Happen to my Loved Ones

If you weren’t around tomorrow or you just couldn’t work to bring in the money any more, what would happen to your loved ones?

Have you made financial provision for them?

Do they know where all the important stuff is that they would need if you weren’t suddenly no longer around?

Have you made a Will?

A Seddon Day is a perfect day to reflect on those questions and make sure you have everything arranged. The peace of mind you can get from answering this one question is incredible.

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