How do you live with cancer?

That’s a tough question to answer but many people get on with their lives regardless of the fact that they have cancer.

In fact, it’s not the killer it used to be. Survival rates are getting better all the time.

However, how do you live with terminal cancer?

Do you crawl into a corner and give up? Or do you decide that your remaining days are going to be worth living?

That was the decision I took. I decided that my remaining days would have a purpose. They would have meaning and I wanted to make the some of the best days that my wife Barbara and I had during our very happy 25 years of marriage.

To help others understand what living with terminal cancer was like on a daily basis, I created a daily video diary called “The Journey“.

However, I felt there was still more I could do. I had unique insights into living with terminal cancer. It’s what I was doing!

So, I decided to create a series of living with cancer advice videos. They are intended for not just people with cancer but also for their carers. There is even advice for people who are visiting patients with cancer. Hopefully, they will prove useful.

And finally, and definitely not least, I decided to get 100% behind the charity that was making my wish to end my days at home a reality.

The charity is the Shakespeare Hospice. I urge you to help me by supporting them. All you need do is go to my Just Giving page and make a small donation. Any amount large or small will be of great help to them. They rely on your donations and cancer sufferers like me rely on them. So please help.

Thank you,