Living with terminal cancer has given me some insights into the challenges.

I’m no expert, but I thought I could put together a series of videos that may help people in the same situation.

I hope you find these useful.


My Cancer

I thought it might be useful if I started this page of video tips by explaining exactly what the cancer is that I have and how it is affecting me.

Tips for Living with a Terminal Disease

So, you have a terminal disease. How do you cope? how do you stay positive and get the best out of what you have left?

Hopefully some of the things that I do will help you.


Tips for People caring for Terminally ill Cancer Patients

The last time I looked. I didn’t see “how to care for someone who’s dying” on the school curriculum!

It’s not something we are trained to do.

It’s not something I’ve done either so how can I put together a video on tips for carers?

Simply because this is a video based on my view of what works for me from my carer.

Hopefully it’s helpful.



Tips for Visiting Someone with Terminal Cancer

That first visit to someone after you find out they have terminal cancer.

What do you say? What can you do?

Well, I’ve many of those visits now so I’m getting to be a bit of an expert.

Maybe my insights can help you.


What does it feel like knowing today may be your last day

I asked people for questions and this was one.

In fact here is the complete question I was asked.

What does it feel to live knowing that this may be the last day? What does it feel to know that your time is running out?

And what does it feel to know that doctors said “No longer than July” and now we are mid August? Is this kind of “cheating death”?