Boars Head BBQ Fund RaiserOn 31st July 2015, my local pub (The Boars Head, Hampton Lucy) hosted a BBQ to raise funds for my charity appeal for the Shakespeare Hospice.

I was complete bowled over by this gesture.

I don’t know why I was surprised because it is typical of the fantastic owners Angie and Phil.

They even arranged for a special barrel of beer called Seddon Days. How magnificent is that?

When I discovered this was happening, I set myself a target of building up my strength so that I could attend.

I knew there was no way I could stay the night, but if I could only managed half an hour then I would be pleased. I really wanted to give my support to this.

I arranged a private ambulance to take me as there was no way I could have travelled in a car. There is a local company here who do a fabulous service (Phoenix Private Ambulance Service).

It was such a great night that I wanted to share some of the pictures with you all, especially as Seddon Days gets a mention.

You can click on any of these pictures to see them in there full glory!

The Kick Off

Already starting to fill up.

DSCF8637Chris, Angie and myself

Two Great Friends

Rob and Susan have been a rock. I don’t how I would have managed with out them and true to form they came out to the BBQ to support me.


The Fabulous Angie

No one I know keeps a better beer cellar and a lovely lady as well!


A & M

Pulling a Pint of Seddon Days

Me and Ollie working hard behind the bar.

Pulling a pint


Lets talk about the Ashes

Chris and I have had many a conversation in the Boars Head. We’ve put the world to rights on many an occasion.

What was interesting was that through my video’s, Chris had learned a lot more about me than we’d talked about and how many other things we had in common (eg: my love of stuffed marrow!).

So we decide to explore what other common interests that we had and this resulted in one of the funniest conversation of the night.

Chris: “Mike do you follow the cricket at all?”

Me: “No Chris, I’m not really a cricket fan.”

Chris: “Oh, no point talking about the Ashes then and where you think they will go”

Me: “Oh, yes I can talk about the Ashes and I know exactly where they are going but I think we are taking about a different set of ashes!”

Chris & Mike



Your Burgers Safe in My Hands!

I promised Barbara that I would stay in my wheelchair and not tire myself out. You’d think after 25 years of marriage that she would know me better than that. I’m one stubborn mule!

I was determined to give Phil a hand behind the BBQ, so out of the Wheelchair I got. I did have my walking stick close at hand but I knew Phil needed some expert guidance from me :)

Tossing 2

The Seddon Days Beer

The official cask. A special thank you to Church End Brewery.



And Finally a Beer for Me



A wonderful Night

A truly wonderful evening and memories I will treasure to my dying day. Quite literally.

If you are ever any where near Stratford Upon Avon or Warwick, do take a quick trip out to Hampton Lucy and visit the Boars Head. Food, beer and atmosphere is second to none.


Don’t forget, you can always donate yourself now:

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Boars Head BBQ Fund Raiser — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Mike

    I’ve just written my weekly email to the people that follow me and my business and you were mentioned.

    This is what I said … “I’ve plenty of friends with letters after their names, MBEs, CBEs and more … but having a beer named after you is the ultimate. Having beer named after you says you’ve really made an impact on the world. How many people do you know with a beer named after them. And not only named after them, but named after them during their lifetime.”

    I also explained about the black humour in the video you sent out this morning and said that it had me both laughing and crying. The great thing is that the tears were of joy that I’ve had the pleasure of your friendship over the years. My readers will have the link to the video, and the JustGiving page, so I hope that when they get it in the morning they reach deep into their pockets.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m not a s jealous as hell about you having a beer named after you.

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