A really important part of building the life that you really want is to ensure that you surround yourself with the right people.

Mike’s father used to say to him “You will always be the average of the people that you hang out with.” You will have the same sort of income, the same sort of lifestyle and the same sort of beliefs. Now, if those people are the brightest people in the world, ones who constantly push you and challenge you, and they all earn a really good income, they could be the right people.

However, if, as you read this, you know that you are with people who do not challenge you and make you a better version of yourself, but instead keep you very much planted in the position you now find yourself, probably because it will scare them for you to move onwards and upwards, you need to make some difficult decisions.

You are not growing as a person unless you make difficult decisions. I appreciate that letting some people go from your life is not an easy decision. You might ask yourself some questions, like “Who will I replace them with?” What if no one else comes into my life (business or personal)?”

However, this one of the Five Key Questions is vital, absolutely vital. You can choose to ignore it, but you will definitely prevent yourself from Building The Life You Really Want.

Mike surrounded himself with like-minded entrepreneurs, as you can see from these pictures. The first picture shows Mike with other members of the Joint Venture Mastermind Group (JVMM). An exclusive group of like minded entrepreneurs from around the World. The group was set up Dov Gordon, who picture you can also see. The final picture shows Mike with Perry Marshall. Perry had a major influence on Mike’s life.

jvmm membersSome of the JVMM Members (Back Row: Mike Seddon, Stefan Drew, Ian Brodie, Tom Zeeb. Front Row: Nick Jervis and Vernon Riley)

2011-3-Dov-1b-move-square Dov Gordon

perrymikeMike Seddon and Perry Marshall


When you first start your own business, it can be quite daunting and lonely, so you tend to surround yourself with people who make you feel good rather than push you.

This can be a mistake as you will never grow.

Look at the people closest to you in your work life and persona life. Are they always moaning and negative, explaining why everything that goes wrong is not their fault and blaming others all of the time?

If they are, you must change the people that you are hanging around with. They are toxic. They will stop you building the life your really want to live.

“Small people talk about other people. Big people talk about ideas”.

Who are you hanging around with?